Corporate report

CoRWM's Programme of Work 2014-17

CoRWM's priorities and tasks for 2014-2015 and proposed topics for 2015-17 (CoRWM document 3151)



CoRWM’s proposed priorities for scrutiny and advice in 2014-15 are;

  • To provide advice to DECC on the Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) Siting Policy
  • To provide advice to the Welsh Government on its Review of Radioactive Waste Policy in respect of HAW
  • To provide advice to DECC and other Sponsors on the transition of the NDA (RWMD) to an effective GDF Delivery Organisation
  • To provide advice to the Scottish Government on its Radioactive Waste Management Strategy
  • Interim Surface Storage of HAW Radioactive Wastes
  • Uranium, Plutonium and Spent Fuel Management

The work programme also identifies topics that CoRWM will address in 2015 to 2017