Independent report

CoRWM response to Welsh Government Consultation on Community Engagement

CoRWM welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Welsh Government’s proposals on community engagement and implentation process on the geological disposal of HAW



CoRWM welcomes the fact that the Welsh Policy is set in a UK framework and that Welsh Government is part of the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Programme.

Given that Wales is therefore involved in a programme in which communities in any of England, Wales or Northern Ireland could volunteer to host a GDF on behalf of the country as whole, CoRWM agrees that there must be consistency across the different administrations to the extent that host communities are neither disadvantaged nor favoured simply because of their location within the UK.

The publication of the Policy means that Wales, and its communities, are now in the same position as England and Northern Ireland. It is CoRWM’s view that arrangements for implementation and community engagement should be predicated on the basis that a Welsh community is as likely to volunteer as an English one.