FOI release

Conflicts of Interest

We were asked:



1.The number of occasions the permanent secretary (or equivalent) has been notified of a potential conflict of interest relating to a minister, special adviser or non-executive director between their work for the department and their private interests since May 2010.

We replied:

A.As a small government department the Wales Office has a Director not a Permanent Secretary. There has been one reported conflict of interest relating to Wales Office ministers, special advisers, and non-executive directors recorded since May 2010.

We were asked:

2.The name of the person whose interests created a potential conflict, the date, how the conflict was reported and the circumstances of the conflict.

We replied:

A.The previous Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP, on 5 July 2011 formally registered her constituency interests in High Speed 2 (HS2), by reporting that interest to the Director of the Wales Office.

We were asked:

3.A copy of the register of interests for non-executive directors. Please could you justify any exemptions with reference to the Freedom of Information Act. If not all information can be provided, please send as much as possible.

We replied:

A.The below is the register of interests for non-executive directors:

Board/Committee Member Interests and possible conflicts Comments
First Non- executive Director Nil Nil
Second Non- executive Director Nil Nil
Published 28 June 2013