Corporate report

Companies House business plan 2015 to 2016

This business plan for 2015 to 2016 covers the second year of our 5 year strategy, which was agreed by BIS Ministers in March 2014.



This business plan is the second part of the 5 year strategy that runs from financial year 2014 to 2015 through to the end of financial year 2018 to 2019.

It sets out in detail the activities that Companies House will undertake and the outcomes it will deliver in the first 2 years.

Entries for the later 3 years provide signposting to future activities such as the linking of data across government organisations, the concept of ‘my account’ with government, and Identity Assurance initiatives.

The plan centres on the themes of our customers, our people and our finances. These central themes link directly to the 3 key principles under which Companies House operates:

  • better and simpler for customers
  • better and simpler for staff
  • value for money
Published 24 July 2015