Community Work Placements

This publication was withdrawn on 1 April 2016

This guidance is no longer current. The last date for referrals to Community Work Placements was 31 March 2016.

A guide to Community Work Placements that can give claimants the work experience they need to help them get a job.



Community Work Placements are for claimants whose lack of work experience may be holding them back from finding a job. Their work coach may ask them to take part in a work placement that will also benefit the local community. The purpose is to give the claimant skills and experience within the work place.

The placements will be for up to 6 months for up to 30 hours a week.

The claimant will also receive at least 4 hours job searching support each week to help turn the work experience into full time employment.

Claimants who do not take part in a Community Work Placement when asked to by their work coach could lose their benefits for a period of time.

Community Work Placement case studies

Following a long period of unemployment after leaving college, a Community Work Placement helped Lee find a permanent job.

After 5 months on a Community Work Placement, Leon’s perseverance paid off and he was offered a full-time job with a parcel delivery firm.