Research and analysis

Community Orders with punitive requirements: Results from the Offender Management Community Cohort Study

The Offender Management Community Cohort Study (OMCCS) is a longitudinal cohort study of adult offenders who started Community Orders between October 2009 and December 2010.



This report uses the OMCCS to describe which offenders received punitive elements as part of a Community Order, the nature of these requirements, offenders’ views and the level of compliance and breach. This found that most Community Orders contained a punitive element, with unpaid work being most common, and suggests that breach and non-compliance could be addressed through Offender Managers discussing individual needs with offenders.

This report is one of a series summarising findings from the OMCCS. Other reports include details of the characteristics of the whole cohort of offenders on Community Orders and the methodology for the study.

Published 3 April 2014