Policy paper

Circular economy and waste markets: UK government response to European Commission consultations

The UK government’s response to three Commission consultations on the Circular Economy, barriers to waste markets and changes to waste laws.



These documents set out the UK government’s response to three European Commission consultations on the circular economy and waste markets.

The UK government chose to submit a joint response for the public consultations on the:

The third consultation, aimed at Member States, asked for detail on the technical workings of existing waste legislation.

These responses were sent to the European Commission in October 2015. They summarise the UK government’s views on the topics covered by the consultations, but do not set out any new policies.

These consultations will form the basis for the Commission’s Circular Economy package, due to be published on the 2 December 2015. This package will also take into account responses to the 2013 consultation reviewing EU waste policy and legislation. Read the UK government response.

Published 11 November 2015