Circular 027/2015: Approved mandatory requisition form and Home Office approved wording

This circular introduces a new mandatory controlled drugs requisition form and a new set of Home Office approved wording for instalment prescribing.



This circular covers:

  • broad subject: crime and disorder
  • issue date: 9 November 2015
  • from: Crime and Policing Group – Drugs and Alcohol Unit
  • copies sent to:
    • The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
    • Association of Chief Police Officers (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
    • Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
    • Judicial College
    • Magistrates’ Association
    • National Bench Chairmen’s Forum
  • sub category: drug offences
  • implementation date: 9 November 2015
  • for more information contact: Desmond Niimoi, 0207 035 3533,
  • addressed to:
    • Chief Officers of Police (England and Wales)
    • Chief Officer of Police (Northern Ireland)
    • Chief Officers of Police (Scotland)
    • Clerks to the Police Authorities
    • Chief Executive of Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service
    • Director of Crime, Delivery Directors
    • Heads of Crime
    • Cluster Managers
    • Regional Support Units
    • Crown Court staff
    • Magistrates’ Court staff
    • Clerks to the Justices
    • Royal Courts of Justice - Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) staff
    • Lord Chief Justice
    • President of the Queen’s Bench Division
    • Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales
    • Lords Justices of Appeal
    • Presiding Judges
    • High Court Judges
    • Queen’s Bench Division
    • Crown Court Judges
    • Resident Judges
    • District Judges (Magistrates’ Courts)
    • Chairmen of the Justices
    • Council of Circuit Judges
Published 9 November 2015