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Children and young people who go missing and child sexual exploitation

This publication was withdrawn on 22 August 2016

This good practice example has been withdrawn as it is older than 3 years and may no longer reflect current policy.

Ofsted good practice example showing how Staffordshire County Council oversees cases of missing chidren and young people.



The robust oversight and management of children and young people going missing by the county council, elected members, and partners takes the individual approach by the police to a county level where children and young people going missing is an important aspect of everyone’s business. Equal importance is given whether or not the child or young person is the direct responsibility of the council.

A mature approach by the council, the police and independent providers combined with an innovative approach to sharing information promotes earlier identification of children and young people who are vulnerable to child sexual exploitation. This has resulted in some successful operations being carried out and an impressive reduction in young people going missing.