CHIEF error codes E03400 to E03599

Look up an error code if you enter wrong information into the CHIEF database system if you’re an importer or exporter.



Not all of the error responses currently have a solution.

You contact the CHIEF Operations Team at email: if:

  • you find an error response that does not have a solution
  • the solution needs to be clearer
  • you need information on CHIEF error code responses that have not been included on the trade version of the help text

This will help HMRC to improve the service.

All the error codes are 1 letter and 4 numbers, so if you’ve got CHIEF error message E3401 you’ll need to look at E3401.

Published 6 December 2014
Last updated 21 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. CHIEF error codes E3400, E3414, E3424, E3442, E3463, E3506 and E3507 have been updated.
  2. Error code E3489 - Error report and solution has been added to the page.
  3. Further error codes have been added.
  4. Latest Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight error report published.
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