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APHA chemical food safety reports (livestock)

Summary of investigations into chemical incidents on farms to ensure the health and welfare of livestock, and food safety, is protected.



These reports are published by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on behalf of the Food Standards Agency.

They outline investigations on farms when food-producing animals have, or may have, been exposed to chemicals or botulinum toxin and which could then impact food safety.

These investigations take place to ensure that animal health and welfare is protected, and that risk management measures are in place to prevent chemical or botulinum toxin contamination of the food chain.

Previous reports

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Published 13 February 2015
Last updated 11 August 2020 + show all updates
  1. Published APHA chemical food safety report for April to June 2020.

  2. Published APHA chemical food safety report for January to March 2020.

  3. Added the October to December 2019 report.

  4. Published APHA chemical food safety report (livestock) for July to September 2019

  5. Report from April to June 2019 updated.

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  7. Chemical Food Safety Report: January to March 2019 now available

  8. Chemical food safety report: October to December 2018 available

  9. Chemical food safety report: July to September 2018 available

  10. Published April to June 2018 report

  11. Published January to March 2018 report

  12. Published October to December 2017 report

  13. Published July to September 2017

  14. Published April to June 2017 report

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  16. Published October to December 2016 report

  17. Published July to September 2016 report

  18. Published April to May 2016 report

  19. Published January to March 2016 report

  20. Published October to December 2015 report

  21. Published July to September 2015 report

  22. April to June 2015 quarterly report published

  23. Published January to March 2015 report

  24. October - December 2014 report published.

  25. First published.

  26. July to September 2014 report published.