Check administrators' guide: phonics screening check 2013

Guidance for anyone involved in the administration and scoring of the phonics screening check, referred to in this document as 'the check'.

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This departmental advice has been archived as it has been replaced by a new version.

The ‘Check administrators’guide: phonics screening check 2014’ is now available.


Check administrators' guide: phonics screening check


Please note, the updated 2014 version is available.

The purpose of the phonics screening check will be to confirm that all children have learned phonic decoding to an age-appropriate standard.

This guide must be followed to ensure the correct and consistent administration of the check for all schools. Schools that do not comply with the guidance in this document could be subject to investigations of maladministration. A full guide to the statutory requirements is available in the 2013 key stage 1 assessment and reporting arrangements.

Published 1 March 2013