Research and analysis

CANparent trial evaluation: first interim report

This report presents the evaluation of CANparent, a trial of the market potential for high quality universal parenting classes.


CANparent trial evaluation: first interim report


The CANparent classes trial, a DfE initiative, seeks to trial a universal offer of high quality, stigma-free parenting classes to support the enhancement of parenting skills and confidence, stimulate a commercial market, and reduce the need for further costly intervention.

This research report presents the findings from the evaluation of CANparent. It will also explore the affect on parents who attend the classes - how taking a class can change their perceptions of their skills and confidence in parenting.

In line with broader government policy, the aim is to engage a range of providers to offer choice to parents, and to introduce a market approach to limit costs and stimulate creative development, including new variants of programmes and the way they’re provided. Consequently, although reference is made to ‘parenting classes’, a broad interpretation is encouraged, including services that blends online with face-to-face and/or telephone support and self-directed learning.

Published 13 March 2013