Concept notes for the Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy 2016/17

Call for Concept Notes.


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We are happy to announce that the UK Embassy in Israel will now be accepting concept notes for the Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy 2016/17.

The Magna Carta Fund is the FCO’s strategic programme dedicated to human rights and democracy work around the world. It aims to support high-impact projects which promote institution-building, target universal issues and the underlying causes of human rights problems.

The new strategy invites proposals that support: democracy values and the rule of law, the rules-based international order and human rights for a stable world.

Concept notes will be accepted from civil society, commercial organisations, governments, think tanks, other UK government departments and international organisations.

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from entities with operations in the OPTs.

The programme objectives and indicators are as followed:

1. Uphold universal rights, democracy, and the rule of law as key building blocks for more secure and prosperous societies:

A. Widen democratic space: Increased democratic space and better protection of journalists and civil society space

B. Strengthen democratic governance and the rule of law: Increased awareness and capability of parliaments, courts, the criminal justice system and the executive to uphold universal rights

C. Increase equality and non-discrimination: Increased respect for equality and non-discrimination for all members of society.

2. Support an effective rules-based international order that stands up for universal rights:

A. Implement international standards and principles: Better understanding and implementation of international human rights standards.

B. Strengthen human rights institutions and mechanisms: More effective international, regional and national human rights mechanisms.

3. Promote a more stable world by upholding universal rights in tackling conflict and extremism:

A. Promote tolerance and counter violence extremism: The roots of violent extremism are addressed by tackling hate speech and promoting equality and non-discrimination, including freedom of religion or belief.

B. Uphold universal rights in conflict: Increased prevention and reduction of sexual violence in conflict, and increased participation of women in peace processes and wider peace-building.

C. Human Rights in Security and Justice Assistance: Increased human rights compliance in the security and justice sector.

For more information, please refer to website.

  • Please submit all concept notes in the form attached (above), no more than three pages in length, by Thursday, 11 February COB to

  • Please note that the concept note attached has been slightly modified from the original posted on the website to include a brief description of the project activities.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to submit a larger proposal form. Because of the high expected volume of responses, the Embassy will only be able to follow up with successful applicants.
Published 2 February 2016