Browser Security Guidance: Mozilla Firefox

This publication was withdrawn on 11 July 2016

This content has been moved to the CESG website:

Guidance for organisations deploying Mozilla Firefox on OFFICIAL end user devices



This ALPHA documentation is for public sector organisations to follow when deploying Mozilla Firefox to OFFICIAL end user devices. It has been published to gain feedback on all aspects of the guidance.

This release has only covered a subset of popular browsers and platforms even though the framework has been designed to apply to a range of browsers available for the range of platforms that are covered by the End User Devices security guidance.

Please send any feedback to You may want to comment on:

  • the relevance: did the guidance provide useful information?
  • the style: was the guidance easy to understand?
  • the presentation: was the guidance simple to read and navigate?
  • the scope: were you looking for a specific web browser or platform?