FOI release

Brazilian Illegal immigrants

We have received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following:  What is the official Board of Immigration …


We have received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following: 

  1. What is the official Board of Immigration Authority estimate of the number of Brazilian illegal immigrants currently present in the UK?

  2. The Immigration Minister announced on 10th July that Brazil was put on a list with other 10 countries that could have visa requirements if no improvements are made to clamp down on illegal immigration to the UK. The Home Office will give them until the end of the year to prove they have increased security in measures such as passport security, crime and tourism and cooperation in deportations from the UK, reports the Press Association. On what basis was Brazil included on the list? According to the BBC, a Home Office report identified bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism as possible risks posed by visitors. (see article - I wish to obtain a copy of this Home Office report.

  3. Is there a quota of citizens of Brazil arriving in the UK that must be sent back by the border & immigration officers? If so, what is the current quota?

  4. Has there been any ministerial authorization for discriminatory action towards the Brazilian community in London for the purposes of immigration control in the last 3 years? When was it given? What were its terms? What was the basis for it?
  5. How many search operations have been conducted by immigration officers in the borough of Brent in the past three years? How many illegal Brazilians were detained in each of these operations?

  6. Has there been any Home Office survey concerning the Brazilian population living in London in 2005? If so, I wish to request a copy of the aforementioned survey.

  7. What are the annual numbers of Brazilians being deported from the UK during the years 2003-2007 inclusive?

We released the following information on 10 October 2008.

Published 10 October 2008