Transparency data

Border Force CITES seizures and volumes

Quarterly data on Border Force CITES seizures and volumes.

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Counting Rules

The data has been compiled using the Home Office seizure counting rules, additionally data processing and quality assurance have been completed.

Single or multiple seizures

A single seizure is where only one category is seized on a particular occasion (e.g. caviar).

A multiple seizure is where two or more category types (e.g. caviar and timber) are seized on a particular occasion. The occasion is counted once in the total number of seizures, but a seizure is counted against each category.

Example: A seizure is made of caviar and timber. This seizure would be counted as:

Total seizures: One seizure in the overall total for the number of seizures.

Category type: One seizure of caviar; one seizure of timber or wood products

Published 1 April 2014