Whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies

List of prescribed people and bodies you can report malpractice to, other than your employer.



If you decide to blow the whistle to a prescribed person rather than your employer, you must make sure that you’ve chosen the correct person or body for your issue.

This document is a list of the prescribed persons and bodies who you can make a disclosure to. There is also a brief description about the matters you can report to each prescribed person.

More information on whistleblowing.

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Published 1 October 2014
Last updated 16 May 2024 + show all updates
  1. Civil Aviation Authority phone number updated.

  2. Email address for Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator updated to

  3. A new bullet point was added to NHS England, and contact details for Health Education England were removed.

  4. The titles of the Secretary of States have been updated following the machinery of government changes. An incorrect duplication 'Health and Safety' entry under 'cyber' has been removed. The list of reasons to contact the 'Health and Safety executive' has been updated.

  5. Entry added under food standards for the National Food Crime Unit (NFCU).

  6. New section on Cyber added.

  7. Updated list of prescribed people and bodies.

  8. Change of email address for The Pensions Regulator.

  9. General contact details updated for a number of organisations.

  10. Updated the address for the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

  11. Updated name, purpose and website for NHS Counter Fraud Authority (previously NHS Protect).

  12. Added the Equality and Human Rights Commission, The European Securities and Markets Authority and the Regulator of Social Housing, removed the Homes and Communities Agency and updated the details of the Care Inspectorate, the Financial Conduct Authority, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and The Lord Advocate, Scotland.

  13. Contact details updated for: Bank of England, National Guardian's Office, Children's Commissioner, Food Standards Agency, Health & Care Professions Council, IOPC, Prudential Regulation Authority, Qualifications Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Social Services Council. Welsh Revenue Authority added.

  14. Contact details for following bodies have changed: Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People, General Chiropractic Council, Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) (previously IPCC)

  15. Change of address for Payment Systems Regulator and the Financial Conduct Authority.

  16. Change of address for Ofgem.

  17. We have updated the list to change the matters you can report to the following bodies: the Bank of England, Financial Reporting Council, General Pharmaceutical Council, the Secretary of State for Transport, and the Auditor General for Scotland.

  18. Social Care Wales added to list.

  19. The following bodies were added to the list: Wales Audit Office (Business, finance or fraud); Qualifications Wales (Education); Food Standards Scotland (Food standards); Office of Rail and Road (Health and safety); National Guardian's Office (Healthcare); Local government commissioners (Local authorities); and Older People's Commissioner Wales (Social care).

  20. Updated list of prescribed people and bodies.

  21. Updated to amend some administrative changes and summarise the existing Order.

  22. Ofqual's email address in publication BIS/15/43 updated.

  23. Reason for 27 Jan update: Revenue Scotland and Registers of Scotland added following their inclusion on 2014 Order, 1 Jan 2015

  24. New version of attachment published.

  25. First published.

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