Biofuels carbon calculator RTFO year 8

Manual and program for calculating carbon savings in line with the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation guidance.



The biofuels carbon calculator (ZIP, 3.9MB) is a software program for fuel suppliers to calculate the carbon saved on a batch of fuels.

This version of the program has been amended in line with the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation guidance for year 8 with use of the calculator explained in the user manual.

The calculator:

  • calculates the carbon intensity of your biofuel on a consignment basis
  • includes all the biofuels, feedstocks and biofuel production processes
  • includes emissions from cultivation of second level Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics and biofuel feedstocks
  • generates monthly reports
  • retains information provided
  • can be run “offline” on your own systems

As of January 2015, the original Carbon Calculator has been expanded to incorporate a dedicated portal for those users reporting under the Irish Biofuel Obligation Scheme (the BOS). The updated tool is known as the UK and Ireland Carbon Calculator.

Further support of the software can be obtained from support

The Year 7 user manual and software is available on the National Archives website.