Independent report

Beneficiary Feedback in Evaluation

The purpose of this paper is to analyse current practice of beneficiary feedback in evaluation and to stimulate further thinking and activity in this area.


Beneficiary Feedback in Evaluation


“Beneficiary feedback” is a highly contested term. There is diverse understanding of what it involves. In the absence of a definition of beneficiary feedback in evaluation, the paper proposes the following working definition as a first step to developing a shared understanding of the parameters of beneficiary feedback in evaluation:

“A beneficiary feedback approach to development evaluation involves a one way or two way flow of information between beneficiaries and evaluators for the purpose of improving evaluation process, findings and use. It is a structured and systematic approach that cuts across all stages of evaluation - from design to dissemination. It is relevant to all types of evaluation design. It is not a subset of participatory evaluation; and goes beyond evidence gathering. It can engage both extractive and/ or participatory methods”.

Published 15 May 2015