Research and analysis

Awareness and impact of the Employment Allowance: research with small employers

Research to understand employer awareness and knowledge of the Employment Allowance, their experiences of claiming it and the impact of the allowance.



The main objective of this research was to understand how small employers had been affected by the introduction of the Employment Allowance. The aims were to understand:

  • awareness and knowledge of Employment Allowance
  • experiences of claiming Employment Allowance
  • the impact of Employment Allowance
  • issues associated with not claiming Employment Allowance.

This report contains findings from 1,031 claimants of Employment Allowance and 500 non-claimants. The report outlines the findings from the survey with these employers and the qualitative follow-up interviews with 10 claimants and 10 non-claimants. All those interviewed were small employers (those with <50 employees).