Apply to settle/adjust licence of right terms pre August 1989

Use this form to settle terms of licence of right or to adjust terms of licence granted before 1 August 1989.




Rule 10 and 13 of the Design Right (Proceedings before Comptroller) Rules 1989 are the main rules governing the completion and filing of this form.

This form must be filled by the person requiring the settlement or adjustment of the licence, together with a statement in duplicate setting out the terms required. Where the applicant has been unable to discover the identity of the design right or copyright owner a statement must also be filed setting out the particulars of and result of the inquiries made to try to identify the owner.

Identification may be made by providing drawings, photographs or other identifying material.

Give the name and address of the design right or copyright owner (if known).

Fee sheet

Fee payable forms must be accompanied with a completed fee sheet.



Design right law is covered by the following acts and rules:

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