Claim Alcoholic Ingredients Relief (EX597)

Claim relief of Excise Duty charged on spirits, beer, wine, made-wine, cider and perry when used in the production or manufacture of eligible articles.


Claim Alcoholic Ingredients Relief


Please see Excise Notice 41: Alcoholic Ingredients Relief for further information.

Email HMRC to ask for this form in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Before you start

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You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You cannot save a partly completed form so gather all your information together before you start o fill it in.

Print, sign and date the form, then send it to:

National Excise AIR Centre (NEAC)
Portcullis House
21 India Street
G2 4PZ

Remember to include a worksheet to show the alcohol used as per paragraph 5.5 of Excise Notice 41.

Published 4 April 2014