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Air accident monthly bulletin November 2012

The monthly bulletin is a compilation of AAIB reports.



November Bulletin 11/2012

Special Bulletins / Interim Reports

This section contains Special Bulletins and Interim Reports that have been published since the last AAIB monthly bulletin.

AAIB Field Investigations

A field investigation is an independent investigation in which AAIB investigators collect, record and analyse evidence.

The process may include, attending the scene of the accident or serious incident; interviewing witnesses; reviewing documents, procedures and practices; examining aircraft wreckage or components; and analysing recorded data.

The investigation, which can take a number of months to complete, will conclude with a published report.

General Aviation - Fixed wing

Sport Aviation / Balloons

AAIB Correspondence Investigations

These are reports on accidents and incidents which were not subject to a Field Investigation.

They are wholly, or largely, based on information provided by the aircraft commander in an Aircraft Accident Report Form (AARF) and in some cases additional information from other sources.

The accuracy of the information provided cannot be assured.

General Aviation

Sport Aviation / Balloons