FOI release

Advertising in the Guardian Media News Group

We were asked:



The total amount paid by your department to the following:

1.1 Guardian Newspaper and any subsidiaries

1.2 The Guardian Media Group and any subsidiaries

We replied:

The Wales Office has no recorded spend to the Guardian Newspaper or its subsidiaries; or to the Guardian Media Group or its subsidiaries.

Up until May 2013 the Wales Office did purchase the Guardian newspaper daily, along with other daily newspapers, for its Cardiff and London Offices.

We were asked:

2.The amount paid for Job Advertisements in The Guardian Newspaper and on the Guardians website (including

We replied:

The Wales Office has no recorded spend for job advertising in the Guardian Newspaper or on the Guardian website.

We were asked:

3.Total cost of Job Advertisements

We replied:

A.In 2006, the Wales Office spent £3,950 on advertising job vacancies.

Published 24 June 2013