Additional Statutory Paternity Pay: non-payment explanation (ASPP1)

Use form ASPP1 if you're an employer and need to tell an employee why they aren't entitled to receive Additional Statutory Paternity Pay (ASPP).

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There is no longer a requirement for this form as Additional Statutory Paternity Pay and Leave was replaced by Shared Parental Leave and Pay for babies due or children placed.


Additional Statutory Paternity Pay: non-payment explanation (ASPP1)


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Additional Paternity Pay and Leave: employer guide
Guidance on entitlement, eligibility, notice period, forms SC7 and ASPP1 and how to recover statutory pay.

Additional Statutory Paternity Pay: record sheet (ASPP2)
Use form ASPP2 if you’re an employer and need to keep a record of ASPP payments made to an employee.

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Published 4 April 2014

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