Research and analysis

A review of the brogborough and landfill 2000 test cells monitoring data

Review of data from 2 field-scale landfill test cell projects which were developed to accelerate waste stabilization.



Two field-scale landfill management projects, Brogborough and Landfill 2000 were begun in 1986 and 1991 respectively. The projects differed greatly in scale and range of variables but had similar objectives. The Brogborough test cells were intended to determine how landfill gas production could be influenced by waste composition and by landfill practices. Landfill 2000 was intended to investigate the practicality of accelerating waste stabilization. Both studies have therefore involved the monitoring of leachate and gas production and quality and of conditions inside the cells, and both have incorporated manipulation of management practices or waste composition in ways thought likely to influence the rate of waste decomposition.