A Guide to Family Court Statistics

Guidance to support the publication of Family Court Statistics Quarterly



These documents aims at providing a comprehensive guide to the family court system, looking at concepts and definitions published in Ministry of Justice statistics. The main guide also covers statistical publication strategy, revisions, data sources and dissemination, whilst the separate Data Quality statement focuses on compliance with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) quality strategy for statistics.

The areas covered in the guide to Family Court Statistics are:

  • A high-level background to the family court system, primarily on the topics featured in the Family Court Statistics Quarterly (FCSQ) bulletin.
  • Information on the frequency and timings of the bulletin and the revisions policy.
  • Details of the data sources and any associated data quality issues.
  • Major legislation coming into effect in the period covered by the bulletin.
  • A glossary of the main terms used within the publications.
  • A list of relevant internet sites on the Family Court system.

The Family Court Statistics quarterly publications can be found here.

Published 28 March 2019