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3D printing research reports

3D printing research reports including executive summary, online platforms and user behaviour, industrial sector use.



Executive summary report

The Intellectual Property Office commissioned a evaluation of the development of the 3D printing sector. The executive summary presents the implications for intellectual property law, a quantitative analysis of online distribution of 3D printing files and summarises a series of cases studies of the role of 3D printing in key sectors. The summary presents key findings and recommendations.

As the 3D printing market grows, there is evidence of intellectual property infringement, at present on a small scale. The interest and activity is growing every year. This highlights the potential for future intellectual property issues. The report looks at the challenges.

The current status and impact of 3D printing within the industrial sector: study 2

3D printing is a term used to describe a range of digital manufacturing technologies. They produce component parts layer-by-layer through the use of materials. There are many different types of 3D printing processes. The shift in manufacturing capability has raised questions relating to intellectual property. This technology can now allow modified, replicated and changed parts. These could then be used and sold. This might have no come back for intellectual property owners. This document presents the second part of the study through a series of case studies and interviews.

Published 29 April 2015