World priority

Safeguarding Britain's National Security with the UK Mission to the United Nations

This worldwide priority was withdrawn on 11 May 2015

This information has been archived. See what the UK government is doing around the world.



The UK Mission to the United Nations must work with international organisations to protect the UK from security threats, including concern around nuclear programmes and explosions, international piracy and international terrorism.


  • we work to ensure that the International Atomic Energy Agency sustains an effective role in regulating and policing a new generation of nuclear energy programmes around the world and in continuing to advocate the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

  • we provide substantial technical, operational, and financial support to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNDOC’s) network of field offices around the world. In particular, the UK is a major contributor to UNDOC activity to counter maritime piracy

  • at the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty Organisation we support the international norm against nuclear test explosions as a means of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons