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Community Right to Bid

The Community Right to Bid gives community groups a fairer chance to save assets that are important to them. This could include their:

  • village shop
  • pub
  • community centre
  • children’s centre
  • allotment
  • library
  • cinema
  • recreation ground

The right covers private as well as public assets.

Local authorities are required to keep a list of all of these ‘assets of community value’. If an owner of a listed asset wants to sell it they have to notify the local authority. The local authority then, in turn, has to notify any interested parties.

If community groups are interested in buying an asset they can use the Community Right to Bid to ‘pause’ the sale, giving them 6 months to prepare a bid to buy it before the asset can be sold.

The Community Right to Bid came into effect on 21 September 2012 and over 3,500 people have used the right to date (April 2014). You can see some examples on the Community Rights Pinterest board.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has put in place a support and advice service run by Locality and the Social Investment Business. They provide free advice and practical help, including grant funding.

See the My Community Rights website for more information.