Chief executive

Stephen Harrison


Stephen Harrison is responsible to the Home Office for the development and delivery of ‘Fighting Fraud Together’, the national fraud strategy via the work of the NFA and its partners, aiming to make the UK more resilient to, and less damaged by, fraud through an increased focus on prevention and disruption.

Previously the NFA’s director of policy and strategy, Stephen began his civil service career in HM Treasury in various IT policy roles, including the market testing and outsourcing of IT services and standards development.

Since 1993, Stephen worked in a number of roles in the Home Office, including the redesign of the organisation structure and programme governance for security planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, director of policy at the Identity and Passport Service, delivering IT-enabled business improvements in the criminal justice system and three years as private secretary to the Home Secretary, covering criminal policy and the prison and probation services.

Chief executive

National Fraud Authority