National Fraud Authority

National Fraud Authority has closed

The following sets out where NFA functions have transferred, with the relevant new contact details for those areas.

For strategic development and threat analysis, please contact NFA staff working on the development of the NCA’s intelligence hub transferred to the NCA.

Work to raise awareness of fraud, including delivery of cyberstreetwise, the national e-confidence campaign, transferred to the Home Office. Please contact

For government partners that require NCA corporate input, for example on PQs, other parliamentary business and ministerial briefing, contact the NCA strategy team at

For media queries regarding NCA work, contact the NCA press office at

Development of the counter-fraud checking service is now led by the Cabinet Office. NFA staff working on this project became NCA officers are based in the Cabinet Office. The contact email address for this work is now

Action Fraud became the responsibility of the City of London Police. To contact Action Fraud, email


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