Deputy Government Chemist, Nominated Officer and Programme Manager

Selvarani Elahi

Selvarani Elahi



Selvarani Elahi has worked for LGC, a life sciences research and testing company, since 1991. Her first role was as a scientific officer in the Food and Nutrition Group. Since then Selvarani has worked in a number of different roles in food and agricultural analysis. She joined the Government Chemist programme in 2011 as Deputy Government Chemist. Selvarani also manages the Government Chemist programme.

Deputy Government Chemist

The Deputy Government Chemist deputises for the Government Chemist, advising on food and agricultural analysis and authorises certificates of analysis for referee cases in his absence.

Nominated Officer

Nominated officers have the overall responsibility for referee case supervision and prepare and sign Government Chemist certificates of analysis. They must hold the statutory Mastership in Chemical Analysis qualification to act as referee analyst.

Programme Manager

The Programme Manager oversees the delivery of the programme and reports progress to the National Measurement Office and its advisory working group.