UK Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council

Sarah MacIntosh CMG


Ms Sarah MacIntosh CMG was appointed Permanent Representative to the United Kingdom’s Delegation to NATO in February 2017.

Previously she served as Director General, Defence and Intelligence at the Foreign Office from May 2014 to November 2016.

Sarah joined the FCO in 1991. Previous appointments include Director for Defence and International Security (2011-2014); Director for Strategic Finance (2009-2010); Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to Sierra Leone and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Liberia (2006-2008) and the Strategy Co-ordinator for the UN Mission in Kosovo (2004-2005).

Sarah has also been posted to the UK Mission to the United Nations at New York; the UK Mission to the IAEA at Vienna; and the British Embassy Madrid.

UK Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council

The Ambassador’s role is to represent the UK within an international organisation, engaging with every other country or organisation that belongs to or observes the body. The Ambassador is also responsible for the direction and work of the Mission. Ambassadors to multilateral missions are often referred to as ‘Permanent Representatives’.

Previous roles in government

  1. Director General, Consular and Security

    • 2014 to 2016