Compliance, Assurance and Risk Director

Peter Crewe


Peter Crewe has worked for the Rural Payments Agency, and previously the Intervention Board, since 1985. As a result Peter has a wealth of experience in dealing with the European Commission and leading within an Executive Agency. Peter has undertaken a diverse range of roles which have included operational management, training and development, finance and is a former head of the RPA’s Chief Executives Office. In the latter role, Peter played an important part is setting up the RPA at the time of its creation in 2001.

Compliance, Assurance and Risk Director

The Compliance, Assurance and Risk Director has responsibility for developing and implementing approaches to ensure a successful transition from an EU control environment to a UK based controls and compliance regime, whilst assuring good governance and public standards. It is a key role currently in the accreditation of a national paying agency and management of national exposure to disallowance. In future this role will evolve to shape a new approach to regulation and enforcement of standards and key controls. The role also has responsibility for ensuring good governance and accounting officer principals are met and a culture of compliance sits comfortably with the effective delivery of public services.

Rural Payments Agency

Previous roles in government

  • EU Reporting and Compliance Director