Lead Non-Executive Director

Nick Markham



Nick is Chairman of Inview Technology, the supplier of middleware to digital set top boxes and TVs. He is also Chairman and founder of Safe Haven, a social enterprise charity that provides 200 homes for the homeless in London. Safe Haven has raised £33 million through an innovative funding model which effectively “securitises housing benefit”, requiring no government grants or donations.


Nick has previously held roles in the commercial and media sector. He was Strategy Director at ITV where he led the merger integration of Carlton Television and Granada and Chief Financial Officer for Laura Ashley where he led the financial restructuring of the business. Nick was Chief Executive Officer of Top Up TV, which he co-launched in 2004. Top Up TV was the first successful pay TV operator on digital terrestrial television in the world. He has also worked as a management consultant with Bain. In 2014, Nick sat on the independent Service Transformation Challenge Panel, commissioned by the Chief Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State for DCLG to look at how public services are delivered.


Nick Markham joined DCLG’s board in January 2013 and is Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee. Nick was made the Acting Lead Non-Executitve Director in October 2016, and continued this role for the MHCLG board from 8 January 2018.

Lead Non-Executive Director

The MHCLG Board’s role is to advise and support ministers on the operational implications and effectiveness of policy proposals and help turn policy from ideas into actions and results.

Part of MHCLG’s leadership team, non-executive board members help with that task.

The Lead Non-Executive Director is a new role created by the Coalition government. It involves:

  • meeting regularly with other non-execs
  • ensuring the Secretary of State is aware of any concerns
  • supporting the Secretary of State in his or her role as chair of the board
  • ensuring that the non-execs meet alone with the Secretary of State from time to time
  • liaising with the government-wide Lead Non-Executive Director

Previous roles in government

  1. Non-Executive Director

    • 2013 to 2016