Ministry of Justice, Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Coats


Matthew joined the department in 2012 as Chief Executive of the Legal Services Commission, led the transition to the Legal Aid Agency, and held this role alongside being Director General for the MoJ’s Corporate Services Group from June 2013.

Prior to joining the MoJ Matthew was interim head of UK Border Force. Previously, Matthew’s roles include Head of Immigration at the UK Border Agency, Strategic Director, Asylum at the Home Office and Head of Secondary Care at the Department of Health, where he was policy lead for emergency care, elective care and diagnostics. He also spent 12 years in the NHS as a hospital manager.

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for the Ministry of Justice, Matthew leads the MoJ Transformation programme which is creating a smarter, simpler and smaller department.

Matthew is responsible for running many of the department’s corporate functions, including HR, Digital and Technology, Estates, and Communications and Information.

The Operations Group also brings together a number of delivery bodies, namely the Legal Aid Agency, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and the Office of the Public Guardian.

Ministry of Justice, Chief Operating Officer

Previous roles in government

  1. Chief Executive

    • 2012 to 2016
  2. Director General of the Legal Aid Agency & Corporate Services Group

    • 2012 to 2016