Chief Executive

Jane Harbottle


Jane Harbottle was appointed Chief Executive of the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and Director of Legal Aid Casework in March 2021.

Earlier in her career Jane conducted fraud investigations, litigation and debt recovery in the private sector. She joined the Legal Services Commission (the LAA’s predecessor organisation) as a contract manager in May 2000. Previous roles include:

  • Interim Chief Executive
  • Head of Civil Legal Aid and Head of Criminal Casework
  • National Contracts Manager
  • Senior Direct Services Contract Manager
  • Area Contract Manager (North East)
  • Litigation Manager

Chief Executive

The chief executive provides overall leadership of the LAA and works to ensure that legal aid is provided effectively and efficiently in England and Wales.

Legal Aid Agency

Previous roles in government

  • Interim Chief Executive
  • Head of Criminal Casework
  • Head of Civil Legal Aid