Director General Finance

David Williams

David Williams



David Williams was appointed acting Director General Finance of the MOD in 2012.

Since his appointment to the MOD, David has held a number of senior posts including:

  • Director Financial Management
  • Director Equipment Resources
  • Director Financial Planning & Security

Director General Finance

The Director General Finance is the principal financial advisor for defence. He or she reports to the Permanent Secretary, chairs the Investment Approvals Committee, is a member of the Defence Council and the Defence Board, attends the Defence Operating Board as required, and is the process owner for financial management.


The Director General Finance has responsibility for:

  • ensuring that the financial, regularity and proprietary responsibilities of the Permanent Under Secretary (PUS) as Accounting Officer are translated into appropriate organisational arrangements

  • the overall financial management of defence, leading on Spending Review negotiations to agree the future size of the defence budget

  • advising PUS and ministers on the acceptable level of financial risk arising from the defence programme

  • oversight and governance of efficiency and value for money work across defence

  • ensuring the Defence Board performance management arrangements are delivered and remain relevant to the needs of the Board

  • strategic direction and performance of Trading Fund Agencies

  • advising on corporate governance, internal control, internal audit and risk management arrangements, as appropriate