Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes

Danae Dholakia

Danae  Dholakia



Danae Dholakia was appointed Special Envoy to Africa’s Great Lakes Region in June 2015. She is also Head of Southern and Central Africa Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Prior to her current roles, Danae Dholakia was Political Counsellor in Pretoria. Before taking up her role in South Africa, Danae served four years as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Deputy Director covering Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She has worked previously as Deputy Director on Counter-Terrorism issues in the Home Office, on NATO, on the EU in Brussels, and on UN issues. Before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office she worked in the NGO sector in Eastern and Central Africa for seven years.

Danae studied Environmental Science to Master’s Degree level at Lancaster and Brunel Universities. She is married.

Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes

Special envoys use their expertise to develop a greater coherent effort in making sure that the FCO works closely and effectively with foreign powers.

The Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes supports international efforts to secure a durable and peaceful resolution to conflicts in the region and build confidence within the region to break the cycles of conflict. She works alongside envoys from the African Union, United Nations, United States, the European External Action Service and from other European States with interests in the region. Collectively, they lead the international community’s efforts. Their work focuses especially on the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.