About us

We’re responsible for dealing with appeals against decisions made by certain lower tribunals and organisations including:

  • social security and child support
  • war pensions and armed forces compensation
  • mental health
  • special education needs or disabilities
  • disputes heard by the General Regulatory Chamber
  • decisions made by the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • decisions made by the Traffic Commissioner (or the Transport Regulation Unit in Northern Ireland)
  • Special Education Needs Tribunal for Wales
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales
  • Pensions Appeal Tribunal in Northern Ireland (only for assessment appeals under the War Pensions Scheme)

We also handle applications for judicial review of decisions made by:

  • First-tier Tribunal (Criminal Injuries Compensation)
  • other first-tier tribunals where there is no right of appeal

Who we are

We are one of 4 chambers of the Upper Tribunal which makes decisions in legal disputes and is structured around particular areas of law.

Tribunal information