About us

The United Kingdom Reserve Forces Association (UKRFA) promotes the efficiency of the reserve forces by providing opportunities for education, personal development and international experiences.

We do this by sharing ideas and good practice through formal channels with reserve forces in the Nato alliance.

Who we are

UKRFA is an unregistered charity, open to all ranks of the reserve forces of the Crown, serving or retired. We’re funded jointly from public funding and by corporate unit and individual subscriptions.

With other Nato member countries, we sit on the executive council of the Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers (CIOMR), representing the interests of the reserve forces to the Nato alliance.

In the UK, we work with the Council of Reserve Forces’ and Cadets ́ Associations.

Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities are to:

  • ensure the reserve forces in the UK can co-operate with the reserve forces of the Nato alliance
  • advise the Director General Reserve Forces and Cadets (MOD) and the Surgeon General about the feasibility of co-operation between reserve forces internationally, and between reserves and the military
  • manage an annual programme of training events, seminars and conferences in the UK
  • support reserves to go on Nato training courses and exchanges

Our priorities

Our main priorities are to:

  • work with relevant countries to ensure consistency across the Nato alliance in the way that reserves are trained and deployed
  • support the work of CIOR and the Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers (CIOMR) by taking part in the work of their commissions, committees and research projects
  • Ensure that reservists of all 3 Services are aware of the activities which are available through UKRFA and take maximum advantage of them

Contact details

For information or queries please contact:

Jodie Russell
Holderness House
51-61 Clifton Street

Telephone: 020 7426 8358 Email: co-rfa@rfca.mod.uk