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Living with COVID-19 at Sellafield Ltd

Now that the national legislation has changed and the government has published its Living with Covid Plan, including Health and Safety Executive guidance for employers, we can be clear about what the changes mean at Sellafield Ltd.

COVID-19 is no longer classed as a RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations) reportable disease for us, meaning COVID-19 has legally moved into the ‘mainstream’ of infections and viruses which all employers routinely manage.

Therefore, there’s no longer a requirement to have a standalone enterprise risk assessment for COVID-19, so this has now been formally retired at Sellafield Ltd.

If we need to reintroduce an enterprise risk assessment because of a change in the current situation, then we will use the experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 2 years to do that.

Instead, we are now providing our ‘Living With COVID-19 at Sellafield Ltd’ guidance, which can be found on the intranet.

This guidance sets out the behaviours and processes needed to continue to manage this infectious disease in line with other respiratory diseases and risks in the workplace.

In summary, the key changes and things to be aware of are as follows:

Lateral flow tests

Taking a lateral flow test has always been a personal choice, but in future people who choose to take a test will need to source their own test kit as these are no longer being provided for free by government.

At Sellafield Ltd we also no longer provide free test kits to employees and instead will retain our stock of kits in case they are needed for future site resilience.

Terms and conditions

We have now reverted to our normal terms and conditions on managing absence, which allow for line managers to consider granting special leave and excluding COVID-19 from the trigger level absence review process under certain special circumstances.

The flow chart below helps guide you through the process on attendance and registering absence, depending on whether or not you have chosen to take a lateral flow test.

Living with COVID-19 - our absence process

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If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email Please tell us what format you need. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use.

Condition reports

There’s no longer a requirement to raise a condition report in Atlas or contact the Covid inbox if you decide to take a test and it’s positive

Self isolation

Self isolation is no longer a legal requirement and our guidance contains advice on what to consider if you do test positive


We continue to encourage ‘good behaviour’ control measures in our workplaces such as sanitisation, good hygiene, ventilation and use of face coverings in crowded/enclosed spaces.

Supporting information on behaviours is also available in the latest edition of Our Sellafield magazine.

Extremely vulnerable

Specific advice remains for extremely vulnerable people and we continue to encourage the use of Reasonable Adjustment Passports for individual circumstances.

Face coverings

Face coverings are still required when attending our medical facilities, in line with NHS guidance.

Changeroom arrangements

We will revert to our pre-pandemic changeroom arrangements from 1 May 2022.

For further guidance, visit our COVID-19 guidance for employees. document.

Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Weston said:

Retiring the enterprise risk assessment and replacing it with guidance from the lessons learned over the last 2 years is a significant step for us all.

It signals our way of working in the future, while retaining many of the protections and ‘good habits’ that we’ve all acquired by living through the last 2 years and learning what we have about how diseases spread.

Most importantly, we’ll continue to ensure that extremely vulnerable people are protected through our Reasonable Adjustments Passports, which allows individual circumstances to be taken into account through local risk assessments.

We’ll always put in place appropriate measures to maintain a safe and secure nuclear licensed site and we will re-introduce or add additional protections if we need to. We all hope that won’t be necessary and we continue to monitor our resilience.

Thank you to everyone for all the efforts you have made over the last 2 years to keep yourself and your colleagues safe and please let’s continue to do so.

Helping visualise our new way of working

We’re here to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

How we’ll all work to achieve that purpose will shortly change.

Our vision for what it will look and feel like to work for Sellafield Ltd in the future is ambitious.

To help explain that vision, we’ve produced a new animation. This outlines how we’ll work between the Sellafield site, our off-site locations and from our home.

Video - Agile working

Our ambition is a workplace that is centred in these collaborative spaces, supported by homeworking.

Realising this ambition and delivering every element will take time. It won’t happen overnight, but our teams are working hard to improve connectivity across the site and our offices.

We know we can achieve this because we’ve already made huge strides towards a new way of working, which includes:

  • more than 3,000 fewer people on the Sellafield site
  • 9,000+ people digitally connected to our systems and each other
  • we’ve expanded our off-site accommodation
  • we’re already transforming our offices into collaborative working spaces

Together, we can creative a workplace that keeps us connected, whether we’re working on site, in offices or at home – digitally and physically connected with our teams and supply chain and the Sellafield site.

We’ll stay connected through the behaviours in our manifesto, and by our shared purpose.

Our enterprise strategy

We have now published our latest enterprise strategy, replacing the corporate strategy from 2017.

Within the document, we show how our strategy flows from our manifesto and our purpose, and how we’ve updated our 3 strategic objectives to include sustainability, a focus on pace and the recognition that value is more than just financial.

It also reflects the progress we’ve made on site, as well as the changes in our broader environment and shows how we’ve updated our strategy to reflect that.

We know that showing and explaining the breadth of what we do can be difficult, but the document is designed to make that easier – for our people who are delivering our strategy, and for our communities and stakeholders.

Read our Enterprise Strategy here

We’ve also taken the opportunity to update our company overview video:

Welcome to Sellafield

Our manifesto

Our manifesto is a simple one-page document that shows the company we want to be.

If you missed the briefing session, take a look at the recording below.

Our Manifesto

Our manifesto was developed with the help of more than 400 employees and describes a Sellafield of which we can all be proud.

It shows why we’re here, and the importance of what we do; to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

It also describes 9 behaviours you’ve told us we should all expect to see from everyone working on our mission.

Behaviours that will help us succeed but that you’ve told us you don’t always see now.

Finally, it reminds us that we are all nuclear professionals, regardless of our role or location.

From today you’ll start to see it around our business as a reminder that these are the behaviours expected from everyone working on the Sellafield mission.

Click on the link below for more information and take any of the behaviours on our manifesto and start to role model them today, and watch the video below from our executive team.

Martin’s blog, including what our manifesto looks like

We are one team

If you have any questions about our manifesto, please send them to

Welfare and wellbeing

The coronavirus pandemic has led to lots of changes to how we live our lives. These changes take time to adapt to.

It is hard to provide guidance for all employees on the best way to work from home – some people will benefit from the routine and structure of the working day, whereas others will prefer working at quieter times or where there are less distractions. The important thing is that people find a way of working that is right for them and ensures they’re able to do what they need to.

With lots of our employees now working from home, it’s more difficult to access some of our usual welfare and wellbeing services. This includes our network of mental health champions, who might not be available or might be dealing with unusual circumstances of their own.

Line managers should check in with their employees (home working or otherwise) regularly.

There are lots of other useful sources of information. We have listed some of these below.

Mental health charities

Rethink Mental Health has set up an online hub filled with practical support and information for people living with our supporting people with mental illness.

The Mental Health Foundation have a similar site as well as Mind.

BBC News

The BBC coronavirus pages don’t just contain the latest news, they also have a lot of help and guidance. The BBC also have their own mental health guidance pages.


The NHS website is the place to go for all official government health advice, including relating to mental health and responding to coronavirus.

Sellafield EDI Hub

Employees who have access to the Sellafield Ltd IT network can access our EDI hub. This contains a lot of information, advice and guidance on a range of subjects including coronavirus and mental health.

Employee assistance programme

We also have an employee assistance programme, which can provide specialist guidance and support to employees. Assistance is available by email, over the phone or on their online portal.

In the first instance, please email with the details of what support you’d like. If you want to speak to someone, leave a number and they will call you back.

You need to have a Sellafield Ltd username and password to access the online portal. This is available on the intranet, or by contacting our Human Resources team by calling 01946 777 316 or 07812 221 128.

Wellbeing app

Employees with a Sellafield Blackberry device can access also access the wellbeing app.

Family network

The Sellafield family network is a voluntary group of Sellafield employees which works to support families.

The group can provide peer-to-peer support and signpost people to other routes for advice and guidance on issues they might face.

If you would like to join the network – to speak to colleagues – or because you’d like to discuss an issue the network might be able to support you with, then please email

Employees with network access can access more information on the EDI hub, available from the company intranet.

We have added a mobile friendly general guidance page so that you can easily access the latest company guidance, even when you can’t access the Sellafield Ltd network.

You can view the guidance page here