What we do

We ensure the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Scotland. We represent Scottish interests within the UK government and we represent the UK government in Scotland.

The Scotland Office ensures that when it comes to reserved matters (the issues that the UK government deals with in Scotland), the people of Scotland’s voice is heard at the highest level in UK government.


We are responsible for:

  • representing Scottish interests within the UK government
  • representing the UK government in Scotland
  • acting as guardian of the devolution settlement and delivering secondary legislation under the Scotland Act 1998
  • providing constitutional advice and advice on reserved matters and other Scottish interests across government
  • conducting and funding Scottish Parliament elections


In 2013, our priorities are:

  • strengthening Scotland within the UK by working with the Scottish government to implement the Scotland Act 2012 and on issues of significance to Scotland
  • communicating the benefits that Scotland gains from being part of the UK and that the UK gains from having Scotland within it
  • promoting a wider understanding of UK government policies in Scotland
  • building strong partnerships across government, business and industry in Scotland and the UK, to help develop Scotland’s global economic competitiveness and combat unemployment
  • supporting the effective administration of the Boundary Commission and of Parliamentary elections in Scotland

Who we are

We are a small team with offices in Melville Crescent in Edinburgh and in Dover House in London.

We have 2 divisions. The policy division advises on all reserved matters of home, national security, social, industrial, economic, energy, environment and transport policy for their actual or potential impact on Scotland.

The constitution and communications division is responsible for constitutional advice, the operation of the devolution settlement, and for communicating UK government policies in Scotland.

Corporate information

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