Our energy use

Details of the RPA's energy use in all its buildings and its work to reduce waste.

Environmental policy

The RPA recognises and acknowledges that its operations have an impact on the global and local environment. We are working to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce pollution. Our environmental policy (PDF, 421KB, 1 page) sets out our aims, which are supported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in accordance with the cross-government initiative on sustainable development.

Energy use for buildings

To improve our energy efficiency, we have:

  • brought our people together into fewer buildings across the country
  • replaced most of our lighting with energy efficient T5 tubes
  • replaced chillers and air conditioning units with more energy efficient systems
  • maintained a winter temperature of 19 degrees

This approach has led to a reduction in our carbon consumption of around 55% since 2010.

Waste Management

RPA has made significant steps in reducing the resources it uses and waste produced through more online services to our customers and the use of electronic rather than paper records. We have cut our overall waste by 55% since 2010.