Research at RWM

We commission scientific research and development, worth several million pounds a year, to support geological disposal.

Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) is the government’s nominated implementer for delivering a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for the UK’s higher activity radioactive wastes.

We provide details of the expected nature and timing of our planned generic research and development activities in our Science and Technology Plan. By ‘generic’, we mean those activities that can be undertaken without specific knowledge of the eventual host site for the geological disposal facility.

Science & Technology Plan 2020 (PDF, 12.6 MB, 769 pages)

Outputs from our research activity can view viewed via RWM’s Research and Statistics Publications

An archive of previously published technical publications can be found in via searching the National Archive.

RWM now publishes its technical publications within the research section of GOV.UK to give people the opportunity to understand progress on various scientific and technical issues related to geological disposal.

Issues Register

Activity to resolve issues previously raised through RWM’s Issues Register are included in the Science and Technology Plan. Engagement with stakeholders on various issues continues through various channels. An archive of the Issues Register webpages can be found in via The National Web Archives.

Since RWM launched the Issues Management process over 10 years ago, RWM has developed other channels and engagement opportunities for stakeholders to raise queries and understand progress on various scientific and technical issues related to geological disposal.

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Research Support Office

RWM established a Research Support Office to:

  • deliver academic research outputs that align more closely with RWM’s needs
  • centrally manage research and deliver more coordinated and targeted research
  • improve contextual understanding and engagement
  • capitalise on economic opportunities from universities and other funding bodies to drive forward research

Research teams within our partner universities benefit from funding that enables them to develop the next generation of researchers. This community of scientists will have specialised knowledge of geological disposal of radioactive waste and the social issues that surround it. Having this knowledge and expertise coordinated across the UK’s academic institutions allows regulators and supply chain companies to tap in to the latest research to inform their strategies.

RWM Research Support Office website.