About us

We collect, analyse and publish government data on the experiences of people from different ethnic backgrounds. We support government departments in driving change where disparities are found.



  • collect, analyse and publish government data about ethnic disparities on the Ethnicity facts and figures service
  • help departments improve the quality of their data
  • help departments to develop and monitor policies to reduce ethnic disparities
  • support an advisory group of people from businesses, local communities, NGOs and academia to work with government on policy ideas
  • provide best practice guidance to help departments present data in a clear and consistent way
  • act as a model for open and transparent data on race and ethnicity


From 2017 to 2018, our priorities are:

  • supporting departments to ‘explain or change’ race disparities, by helping them develop ways to reduce disparities that can’t be explained by factors other than ethnicity
  • publishing more data on the Ethnicity facts and figures service, and improving the quality of the data already published there
  • learning how communities, organisations and individuals are using the service and tackling ethnic disparities
  • bringing departments together to support and drive change where disparities are found
  • developing a more consistent approach to how ethnicity data is collected and presented across government, so that better quality research and analysis can be carried out
  • doing research and analysing trends in ethnic disparities across different areas of public life
  • making the Ethnicity facts and figures service better for our users

Who we are

We’re a multidisciplinary team that includes developers, user researchers, content designers, service and delivery managers, data analysts and policy specialists. We work together using the One Team Government principles and government design principles. Our office is in London.