About us

We collect, analyse and publish government data on the experiences of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

We publish our data on Ethnicity facts and figures – an open and transparent source of data on race and ethnicity.

Topics include crime, education, health and population. All data is analysed by ethnicity, often combined with other factors like age, geography and gender.

We use this data to help government departments develop and monitor policies to reduce disparities.

Our team

We’re a multidisciplinary team which includes:

  • developers
  • user researchers
  • content designers
  • service and delivery managers
  • data analysts
  • policy specialists

We work together using the One Team Government principles and government design principles.

Our work

We work with organisations inside and outside government to understand and tackle ethnic disparities.

We also provide best practice guidance to help departments present data in a clear and consistent way.

We supported the Public Health England review into disparities in the risks and outcomes of COVID-19.

We also support the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, a cross-government group which examines inequality in the UK.

Corporate information

Jobs and contracts