Terms of reference

The Police Remuneration Review Body advises on the pay and conditions of police officers.

It provides independent recommendations to the Home Secretary and to the Northern Ireland Minister of Justice on the hours of duty, leave, pay, allowances and the issue, use and return of police clothing, personal equipment and accoutrements for police officers of or below the rank of chief superintendent and police cadets in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland respectively.

In reaching its recommendations, the review body must have regard to the following considerations:

  • the particular frontline role and nature of the office of constable in British policing
  • the prohibition on police officers being members of a trade union or withdrawing their labour
  • the need to recruit, retain and motivate suitably able and qualified officers
  • the funds available to the Home Office, as set out in the Government’s departmental expenditure limits, and the representations of police and crime commissioners and the Northern Ireland Policing Board in respect of local funding issues
  • the Government’s wider public sector pay policy
  • the Government’s policies for improving public services
  • the work of the College of Policing
  • the work of police and crime commissioners
  • relevant legal obligations on the police service in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, including anti-discrimination legislation regarding age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and belief and disability
  • the operating environments of different forces, including consideration of the specific challenges of policing in rural or large metropolitan areas and in Northern Ireland, as well as any specific national roles which forces may have
  • any relevant legislative changes to employment law which do not automatically apply to police officers
  • that the remuneration of the remit group relates coherently to that of chief officer ranks

The review body should also be required to consider other specific issues as directed by the Home Secretary and/or the Northern Ireland Minister of Justice, and should be required to take account of the economic and other evidence submitted by the Government, professional representatives and others.

It is also important for the review body to be mindful of developments in police officer pensions to ensure that there is a consistent, strategic and holistic approach to police pay and conditions.