Our governance

The main decision-making, executive and managerial bodies at the Planning Inspectorate

The role of the Planning Inspectorate Board is to provide collective strategic leadership to the organisation.

Responsible for

Under the terms of the framework document, the Board is responsible for:

  • ensuring an effective business planning and performance management framework is in place
  • ensuring the Planning Inspectorate delivers against its strategic objectives and ensuring sufficient resources are available to achieve those objectives
  • setting and communicating the Planning Inspectorate values, purpose and objectives to inspectors, other staff and stakeholders whilst protecting and enhancing the Planning Inspectorate reputation for professionalism, effectiveness, integrity and efficiency
  • monitoring and continuously improving performance and quality
  • ensuring an adequate risk management framework is in place and reviewing strategic risks
  • ensuring that proper accounting procedures are in place
  • ensuring that the Planning Inspectorate policies are consistent with the Department of Communities and Local Government and the Welsh Government and that its affairs are conducted with probity consistent with Managing Public Money

The Board members are

  • Chair of the Planning Inspectorate Board – Sara Weller
  • Planning Inspectorate Chief Executive – Sarah Richards
  • Non-Executive Directors – Jayne Erskine, Janet Goodland and David Holt
  • Director of Corporate Services – Navees Rahman
  • Director of Wales – Tony Thickett
  • Head of Inspectors - Ben Linscott
  • DCLG Representative – Simon Gallagher

Board meeting minutes

The Board meets throughout the year. Minutes are available from each meeting:

Board minutes 19 January 2017 (PDF, 168KB, 12 pages)

Board minutes 08 December 2016 (PDF, 160KB, 11 pages)

Board minutes 10 November 2016 (PDF, 164KB, 12 pages)

Board minutes 13 October 2016 (PDF, 177KB, 13 pages)

Board minutes 15 September 2016 (PDF, 163KB, 11 pages)

Board minutes 16 August 2016 (PDF, 163KB, 11 pages)

Board minutes 7 July 2016 (PDF, 156KB, 10 pages)

Board minutes 2 June 2016 (PDF, 169KB, 12 pages)

Board minutes 5 May 2016 (PDF, 170KB, 12 pages)

Board Minutes 10 March 2016 (PDF, 187KB, 12 pages)

Board Minutes 12 February 2016 (PDF, 121KB, 8 pages)

Board Minutes 14 January 2016 (PDF, 138KB, 11 pages)